DRC-Digital: Crawford Capital Limited ready to support the implementation of e-governance in Congo-DRC

The Minister of Digital received, this Monday, April 17 in his office, Mrs Audrey Mwikali, Mr Bienvenue Rukara, Mr Jeremy S. Masona as well as the company Salvador Group, a partner company of Crawford Capital Limited. She led a large delegation from this company that came to bring investment proposals in the field of e-governance in the DRC.

At the end of this hearing, Mrs. Audrey Mwikali, declared « We want to bring, with our own capital, digital administration, in other words e-governance, to this country with secure products such as the digitization of tax services, driving license, identity cards.. »

Promising the establishment of Crawford Capital Limited in the DRC in a very short time, Mrs. Audrey Mwikali, said that she had received from the Minister appropriate advice and a roadmap with the steps to follow to help this company to integrate in this country in terms of e-government.

Crawford Capital is a technology company that provides innovative digital solutions to support the transformation of both public and private institutions. Already present in South Sudan and Kenya, it is currently eyeing the DRC, which has initiated a major shift in the digitization of public life with the creation of the Ministry of Digital in 2021 and the recent publication of the digital code by the Head of State. on March 13.

« The DRC is ready to collaborate with Crawford Capital, if it fulfills the required conditions. » declared the Minister of Digital.

It should be noted that the company Crawford Capital Limited has proven itself in the digitization of services in two different countries and wants to set up in the DRC.

Rédaction Koonexion.net


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