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[RÉCAP]Politics in the DRC: in 2019, « peaceful and democratic alternation » was debated

The year 2019 has imposed an unusual detour on DRC policy. Although challenged by several sections of the opposition who see the hand of the former Head of State, Joseph Kabila, in the management of the country, but theoretically and conceptually, the "peaceful and democratic alternation" seems very real.

This concept, a peaceful and democratic alternation, was established from 10 January 2019, when the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) published the provisional results of the presidential, legislative and provincial elections. proclaiming Felix Tshisekedi, President of the Republic ahead of Martin Fayulu de Lamuka and Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary of the Common Front for Congo (FCC).

Félix Tshisekedi, who spoke to the base a few minutes after being praised by the CENI, said that "peaceful and democratic alternation is the peaceful transfer of power between the outgoing president and coming after the elections".

Debate around the concept

a) The price to pay

The citizens' movements and the opposition, notably Martin Fayulu and his cream, believe that peaceful and democratic alternation is not a gift from Joseph Kabila, but a right of the Congolese people.

In his speech called "to the nation", Martin Fayulu recalled that the alternation that took place was acquired at the cost of the blood of several compatriots who campaigned against the famous landslide of Joseph Kabila at the head of the country and the third term.

b) A contested alternation

Martin Fayulu and his cream also dispute the alternation at the head of the country. For them, Joseph Kabila continues to lead this country, while calling Felix Tshisekedi a "Marionnette". A cap that Felix Tshisekedi rejected during an interview with the international press.

Among the arguments made by Martin Fayulu are the procession of Kabila and the blocking of enforcement of Felix Tshisekedi's orders appointing agents to the SNCC.

Meanwhile, January 24 of each year will now be considered the day of alternation in the DRC. The announcement was made by the Head of State, Felix Tshisekedi, during his speech to the Parliament in congress at the end of December 2019.