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Beni bomb discovery: Mulekera’s youth call on people to be vigilant

In a media address on Friday, January 3, 2020, Kawa Ngoy Eric, the youth president of the commune Mulekera, in the town of Beni, called on the population in general and young people in particular to be vigilant in the face of the repeated discovery of war machines in this corner of North Kivu.

This call was made after the discovery of an explosive late in the evening of Thursday, January 2, 2020 near the Chapel of St. Lucia of Beni Kabalaka, in the Ngongolio district, in the commune Mulekera.

Kawa Ngoy Eric also congratulated the locals who quickly alerted the security services before the worst happened.

The town of Beni has been rocked in recent times by insecurity caused by the alleged ADF rebels. A week ago, four people were injured by an explosive in the "Star" bar in the Butsili district, Mulekera commune.


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