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Music: In just 4 months, Innoss’B’s new album « Yo Pe » has reached more than 50 million views on Youtube

He is the only Congolese artist to have achieved this record in such a short time. Released four months ago, the opus "Yo Pe" by the young Congolese artist, Innocent Balume, currently has more than 50 million views on Youtube.

Indeed, the track that achieved this record is the one remixed by featuring the Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platnumz.

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Very happy with this performance, this youngster whose career was launched in 2010, after the Vodacom superstar contest, thanks his fans and says he is proud to have collaborated with the Tanzanian.

"For the first time, seeing an African song break this record in less than 4 months, 50 million views. God is stronger. Thank you all for the love. 2020 has more AMEN surprises in store for us. big shoutout to a real one Diamond Platnumz," innoss'B responded

Thanks to its success in 2019, the famous credits of the native of Goma in North Kivu province is unquestionably the Congolese song of the year, it continues to make the public dance here and elsewhere until now.


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