Tanganyika: 2 customary chiefs withdrew their signatures from the memo addressed to the head of state against Zoe Kabila

However, they were all united on Thursday 2 January to denounce the mismanagement of Zoe Kabila as head of Tanganyika province, a few hours later, two customary leaders renounced their signatures of the memo addressed to the Head of State, Felix Tshisekedi.

According to information gathered at the scene, the two customary chiefs claim that they were tricked and manipulated by their colleagues without being aware of what the governor is accused of.

"It's a montage, we don't know about this rag," chief Rutuku confesses.

As a reminder, in this correspondence addressed to the Head of State, the customary leaders of Tanganyika accuse the younger brother Joseph Kabila of several grievances including embezzlement of public funds, expropriation and plunder of land, beaches and islets, and gabegie in the province's state-owned enterprises.For more information, click here: https://koonexion.net/2020/01/02/tanganyika-les-chefs-coutumiers-accusent-le-gouverneur-zoe-kabila-de-la-gestion-calamiteuse-de-la-province-memo//


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