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Insecurity in Kasumbalesa: PNC and FARDC got their hands on 5 bandits

Five armed bandits were arrested on the night of Wednesday, January 1 to Thursday, January 2, during a joint patrol led by the Congolese National Police (PNC) and the DRC Armed Forces (FARDC) in the town of Kasumbalesa, in the Kitoko cell.

The ceremony of the presentation of these thugs took place on Thursday, January 2 at the PNC/Kasumbalesa police station in front of the mayor of the city, the population and the local press.
Among these bandits, the security services reported that one of them was several times arrested, but still released. He is the perpetrator of several crimes in Lubumbashi and is heavily armed.

Also, a member of the Republican Guard is among the bandits apprehended. It operates on the Kasumbalesa-Lubumbashi road and harasses foreign traders and drivers. It has been mentioned several times in the theft of electrical cables from the High Voltage of the National Electricity Corporation (SNEL).

In his words, the mayor of the city of Kasumbalesa, André Kapampa, called on the population to work with the security services to find the thugs who have been gnawing at this part of Nagorno-Katanga for several months.

It should be noted that the 5 bandits will be transferred to Lubumbashi on the orders of the provincial government for further investigations and the opening of a file by the military auditorate. That is what the police sources are saying.

Albert Leu/Kasumbalesa

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