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In his greeting to the nation, Félix Tshisekedi pays tribute to the valiant FARDC on the frontlines who cannot celebrate with their families

In his first greeting to the nation since his accession to the Supreme Judiciary broadcast on the congolese National Television Radio (RTNC) on Tuesday night, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi, the Head of State, paid tribute to the FARDC soldiers defending the DRC's borders in the east of the country.

Indeed, the Supreme Commander guarantees that their sacrifices for the nation will not remain in vain, the country will always remain grateful to them.

"As I speak, many of us in accordance with our oath to serve the country, its the flag, are engaged in the defense of the nation at the risk of their lives, out of duty, they cannot commune with members of their families. The homeland will remain grateful to them," said Felix Tshisekedi.

Moreover, Joseph Kabila's successor, who says he sympathizes with the Congolese who lost their loved ones as a result of these atrocities, reassures that every effort is made to restore peace, which remains the property of his priorities.

"The dawn of the new year will find us still engaging on the front lines in Beni, Butembo in North Kivu, in the upper and middle plateau of Minebwe in South Kivu and in some parts of the country against the negative terrorist forces and armed groups that are rising in obstacles to the effective return of peace throughout the country. As I said in my inauguration speech and repeated several times, the conquest of peace throughout the country by eradicating insecurity is and will be my priority until the effective restoration of peace. in our country, because without peace, our people will not be able to fully contribute to the development of our country, this gift from God," he added.

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