Martin Fayulu: « There is a well-crafted plan of occupation of Beni to Haut-Uele by our neighbours »

Lamuka's presidential candidate martin Fayulu held his State of the Nation address from his Faden House hotel in the Gombe commune on Monday (December 30th). In his speech, "the soldier of the people" denounces a plan of occupation of Beni up to Upper Uele by the populations who will come from neighbouring countries.

"The Congolese of Beni are convinced, according to testimonies I have gathered on the spot, that there is a well-crafted plan for the occupation of Beni to Haut-Uele via Ituri, by populations that will be brought from neighbouring countries," said Martin Mr. Fayulu.

In addition, the President of ECiDé calls on all countries of the world, in the name of peace and justice, to recognize what he calls "genocide of the Nande-Yira people" in the east of the country.

"To all countries in love with peace and justice, I ask them to recognize the genocide of the Nande-Yira people," he said, adding: "I advocate, under the aegis of the United Nations, an international conference to shed light on the situation of eastern Congo."

In his speech, Martin Fayulu called on the Congolese people to be vigilant and to take part in a march of indignation and mourning on 17 January across the DRC and the diaspora.


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