Fayulu to « servants of God »: « Be true sentries »

Martin Fayulu, one of the leaders of the Lamuka platform and an unfortunate candidate for the 2018 presidential election, called on the servants of God in the DRC to carry out their mission and vocation to the nation as true sentries.
In his address called "to the nation" on Monday, December 30, the leader of Lamuka reminded the men of God of the gospel of Jesus Christ obliges them to warn and denounce evils.

"I urge you to get out of your comfort zones and to truly take children of God unambiguously," said Martin Fayulu, believing that "a shepherd who does not accompany his sheep is not worthy of his vocation."

According to Martin Fayulu, "the gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel that announces, denounces and warns."

"Be true sentries," Martin Fayulu invites God's children.

In addition, Martin Fayulu announced a march of indignation and mourning for congolese killed in Beni and elsewhere on 17 January across the DRC and the diaspora.


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