Beni: insecurity impacts New Year’s eve preparations

A timid movement is observed in the various streets and avenues of the city of Beni as part of the preparations for the celebration of the new year's eve 2020. A statement made by your editor on Monday, December 30, reveals that the crisis has taken up residence in this part of the country.

Some Residents of Beni interviewed reported that the security situation has handicapped everything. They complain that they do not have what to do for themselves during this holiday season. "No one works quietly. The ADF sets the law here," says a man at the central market at the Central Market in Beni-Kilokwa.

This situation is visible in the different markets of the city of Beni. Traders say they have not accumulated revenue as in previous years. "We can't achieve an expected turnover. Customers don't show up," says one clothing salesman.

Before adding: "We have an insignificant sales flow. All activities are blocked because of insecurity. The rebels are looting every day."

A butcher's owner at the central market in Beni, has launched an SOS to the competent authorities in order to find a solution for Beni while disturbing for his business.

"My goods are dragging and rotting. There are no customers," he worries.



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