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Insecurity in Beni: « It is not acceptable to kill the population next to a Monusco base » (Fridolin Ambongo)

Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, metropolitan archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Kinshasa, lashed out at the ADF rebel incursion recorded on Friday, December 27, in Mayimoya, Beni. In a mass said this Saturday, December 28 at the parish of St. Teresa of Avila of Beni city, Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo indexes the Monusco.

"It is not acceptable to kill the civilian population next to a Monusco base. She has to do her conscience test, question herself and improve her performance," he lamented.

Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo recalled the Congolese National Police (PNC), the DRC Armed Forces (FARDC) and Monusco to work for the safety of the population.

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"The Congolese National Police (PNC), the DRC Armed Forces (FARDC) and Monuscone should not be considered our enemies. Everyone has flaws and we need to remind each other what we need to do," he added

However, Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo urged the population to continue to support Monusco, because he believes that "it is the international community, we must not put it out, it will destroy the image of the country. We don't live next to the world, but we live in the world."

He added: "If there are things to blame monusco, we have to do it. Don't let anyone cheat on you. I am your pastor, I am your leader, everyone can deceive you, but I will not deceive you."

As a reminder, a person burned alive, several houses burned and property washed away, such is the toll of the last incursion of ugandan rebels ADF recorded last Friday after the passage of Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo in Mayimoya.


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