mer. Juil 28th, 2021


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Bomb explosion in Beni: here’s the provisional death toll

3 people seriously injured, such is the provisional death toll from the explosion of a bomb on 26 December late in the evening in a cafeteria in Beni, in the Butsili district, Mulekera commune near the Kanzulinzuli car park. They are Mr. Kasereka Mughatha Thank God, Mrs. Kathungu Anita and Mr. Mbusa Mathe Heir.

According to the testimony gleaned at the scene, it was a homemade explosive that was deposited by an unidentified person. The victims were taken to Beni Reference General Hospital for treatment.

For the record, at the beginning of December another homemade bomb was planted along Nyamwisi Boulevard in the Mabakanga district of Ruwenzori commune, where two people were injured as a result of the shrapnel.


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