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Élan RDC recrute un Cross-Border Trade Advisor

Cross-Border Trade Advisor
Company NameAdam Smith International Company Location Kinshasa, Congo (DRC)
ROSS-CUTTING – Cross-Border Trade

The Advisor will drive CBT work across the different sectors of Elan RDC. They will also drive some stand-along interventions, notably in small-scale trade across the eastern borders of the DRC because of its potential for positive GESI outcomes and for increased stability and peacebuilding.


ÉLAN RDC is a private sector development programme that aims to increase the incomes of over a million low-income men and women in the DRC by 2021. ÉLAN RCDC is implemented by the consultancy firm Adam Smith International and funded by the UK government as part of its private sector development strategy in the DRC.

We aim to build a more efficient and inclusive economy for the DRC. We provide international expertise and market insight to businesses, financial institutions and industry associations, supporting them to innovate and grow.

We follow a “market systems development” approach (also known as the “Making Markets Work for the Poor” (M4P) approach), which seeks to develop and promote sustainable and scalable solutions to systemic constraints in markets that prevent poor producers and consumers from benefiting from their participation in them.


Thriving cross-border trade should contribute to the overall well-being of border communities in eastern DRC and its neighbours through growing the economy, strengthening communities and building stability in the region. This will be achieved through improvements in the business environment and the implementation of rules and regulations that facilitate cross-border trade. These improvements will come about through public-private dialogue and more effective and representative advocacy by ACTs and other business associations.


The concrete objective of the intervention is to improve the operating environment for small-scale cross-border traders including PWDs by (1) increasing the extent of implementation of the COMESA Simplified Trade Regime (RECOS) at border crossings between the DRC and other COMESA member-states (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia) and (2) reducing the number of public officials and agencies operating illegally at border crossings, hence reducing levels of harassment and illegal taxes paid by female and male CBTs including PWDs. The Advisor will seek to achieve these improvements through:

• Facilitating public-private dialogue including the ACTs and CN-ACT (the national umbrella association), border agencies, and central and provincial government officials.
• Fostering an increase in cooperation more generally between the ACTs and their members on the one hand and border agencies on the other in order to reduce the incidence of smuggling and “fractionnement” of consignments of goods
• Promoting evidence-based advocacy between the ACTs, CN-ACT, and the government.
• Further the recognition as CN-ACT as a legitimate interlocutor and representative of small-scale CBTs.


The Advisor’s chief responsibilities are expected to be:

• Commissioning and overseeing research and studies into cross-border trade.
• Working across the programme’s three main sectors (Access to Finance, Agriculture, Renewable Energy) to support on interventions relevant to CBT.
• Capacity building on advocacy, governance, representation, and sustainability.
• Support the formalisation of ACTs
• Facilitate public-private dialogue
• Refine the scope of ELAN’s involvement with the World Bank-funded project, PFCGL, identifying areas for cooperation.

The contract will run from February 2020 until August 2021 and an input of 122 working days are expected.


• More than 5 years of experience working in business environment reform, public private partnerships, or trade issues
• Experience in sub-Saharan Africa
• Knowledge of the DRC’s private sector and relevant government agencies
• Fluent French and English, with knowledge of local languages (Lingala, Swahili) highly favoured
• A master’s degree or PhD (desirable) in business, economics, or law
• Knowledge of the Market Systems Development approach highly favoured


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