Vodacom Congo: Finally, more than 13 million Congolese connected to the first network in the DRC!

It's done! Vodacom Congo now has more than 13 million subscribers throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since October 30, 2019. This record confirms the confidence that the Congolese have placed in him since its establishment in 2002 as well as his leadership in the telecommunications sector.

This milestone was first achieved thanks to the efforts of all its employees to provide the best services to the Congolese population, but also, thanks to the effective collaboration that Vodacom has established with its partners such as its distributors, business partners, its suppliers, the Republic's sectoral institutions and the media, all committed to bridging the digital divide in DR Congo.

It is worth recalling that the digital giant has always been the first operator to cross the major thresholds of subscriber connection in Congo. Indeed, in 2003, just one year after its launch, Vodacom was already celebrating its 500,000th subscriber base and two years later it doubled the number of its subscribers.

Its massive investment in the implementation and deployment of infrastructure, as well as its innovations such as the prepaid card, BBM, 3G and 4G technology and The M-Pesa electronic currency, have enabled it to become, in 2018, the first telecommunications company with more than 12 million subscribers in DR Congo.

And today, proud to have surpassed this great milestone, Vodacom Congo celebrates its 13 million subscribers who have trusted it, for more than 17 years, in the fulfillment of its mission, namely: to connect everyone for a better future.

Vodacom continues to deliver quality and affordable services and products to everyone on a daily basis. That's why even more women and men in this country are joining this great national network for a more connected, inclusive and sustainable Congolese society.

The future holds even more. Ready?

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