Vodacom Congo – Walt Disney: with each generation, its legend

Vodacom Congo exclusively offered the film "Star Wars, Skywalker" to the general public in The Audience of Kinoon on Friday, December 20th. This screening is the result of the partnership between Vodacom and Walt Disney Studios concluded since 2019. And Cinekin, official partner of Vodacom Congo, served as a screen where this operator, leader of digital in the DRC, unveiled the ninth episode of the latest trilogy of this saga become timeless.

In her welcome note, Ms. Anaiah Bewa, Head of Public Relations at Vodacom Congo, explaining the meaning of Vodacom's partnership, revealed that like Star Wars, which has been passionate about a transgenerational audience for 42 years, so too, Vodacom Congo, the Congolese's favourite operator, has been bringing new generation innovations and technologies to the Congolese people since its inception.

"Through film art, Vodacom Congo brings its subscribers to experience international technological standards through its technology," confessed Ms. Anaiah Bewa.

Full as an egg, the Cinekin Room at the Premier Mall in Gombe brought together many people of all ages. All thanked Vodacom Congo for giving them the exclusive "Star Wars".

"I had a great experience tonight. I am very happy to have had the privilege of enjoying the exclusivity of this film. Thanks to Vodacom Congo," says Jimmy, one of the moviegoers, after the screening.

In addition, Ms. Anaiah Bewa said that this partnership reinforces and contributes to the development of the Congolese film space and stimulates the creative spirit of young people in the film sector.

Also, the partnership between Vodacom Congo and Cinekin offers several advantages for Vodacom Congo subscribers, who love cinema.

Benefits of Vodacom Congo subscribers in the partnership with Cinekin:

1. 10% off for Vodacom subscribers who purchase tickets via M-Pesa through the Cinekin app;

2. 15% Cine-bonus point instead of 10% for Vodacom subscribers each time M-Pesa reloads the Cine-bonus card via the USSD menu.

Vodacom Congo, the telecommunications legend of past and future generations! Ready?

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