mer. Juil 28th, 2021


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SALE LIVE: Analysis and prediction of Telecommunications data: DATA-MINING

LIVE RESUME: A classification algorithm must explore structured, semi-structured or unstructured information data to detect its similarity and assign them the same category. Key applications include drilling analysis and data mining. These areas of expertise, which emerged less than a decade ago, are attracting more and more interest from computer scientists, mathematicians and even specialists in the humanities. The loss of customers of a company commonly referred to as "attrition" is a real problem for companies operating in different industries, especially in competitive situations. It is no secret that this phenomenon has not spared the telecommunications sector. To help decision makers make a decision on all of these issues, we propose the design of a mini data warehouse (Data marts) to make an easy exploration of customer historical data related to usage profiles. based on their profiles. As part of our research we used the DATA MINING method to analyze and predict the data.

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